About Dejay Industries

Founded in 1980 to serve the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) in obtaining made-to-print component parts, complete, ready for assembly, and ready for immediate delivery. As industry demanded more of this type service, Dejay found its’ niche market in producing Swiss screw machined parts in accordance with the above requirements.

At Dejay Industries, we select equipment and processing techniques to produce the highest quality part at the lowest cost to you. Matching your part to the equipment that can produce all or most of its features in a single operation, process engineers make every effort to eliminate secondary operations, thereby effectively reducing your costs.

Initially stocking a short supply of customer product to assure delivery within 24 hours, it soon became prudent to offer SPC (Statistical Process Control) data on stocked components. Dejay also offers inspection reports of these stocked parts to assure delivery of parts to customer specification.

Dejay works out the details and irons out the wrinkles

Our capacity is from .010” to 1.25” diameter parts in quantities from 100 pieces to ten million pieces. We specialize in swiss and precision machining of various materials with dimensional tolerances to +/-.0002”.